Visa Information

Visitors from a large number of countries don't require a visa to enter Spain. This includes, among others, citizens of other EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, the UAE or Israel.

Non-resident citizens of certain countries require either a visa on arrival or a pre-arranged visa. Requests for the latter need to be processed prior to departure. Check here the list of countries requiring a visa.

Kindly note that if you already hold a valid Schengen visa issued by another country than Spain, there is no need for you to reapply for a visa.

Please check here what kind of visa you may require (official website of the Spanish government).

In general, you will require:

  • a passport with a remaining validity of at least three months following the projected exit from the country and the whole territory of Schengen
  • a proof of accommodation (a document that shows where you will be staying during your time in Spain)
  • a return or round-trip ticket
  • documents proving your purpose of entry
  • a travel health insurance

Please allow sufficient time for the processing of your visa prior to your departure.


If you need a visa invitation letter, you will be able to request it from your member's area as soon as you register for the conference.


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