Join us for the L&A run!

New for 2022!



Born out of a discussion between our two running chairmen Ravindra Bhagwanani (an avid marathon runner) and Dave Andreadakis, we will be adding an active fun element to the event this year to foster the ties within our loyalty family:


An early morning run on the first conference day,

Monday 10 October!


Join us for an 8 km run, leaving from the hotel towards the Parque Retiro and onwards to see how Madrid is waking up to a new day, passing the impressive cathedral and Royal Palace and heading back to the Parc through one of Madrid's famous boulevards.

And once in the Parc and well warmed up after ca. 6 km, Ravindra will give you the challenge to run 1 km in not more than 4 minutes. If you succeed, a free pass for Loyalty & Awards 2023 (at a destination worth the trip!) will be yours!

If needed, you may start training now!

No registration required, just be ready and meet (on time) the running part of the Loyalty & Awards family at 06:00AM in the hotel lobby to get in shape for the day!

And as Dave recalls, running is also the best way to get over jetlag (or any Sangria hangovers!).