Loyalty & Awards 2020

24 - 26 February 2020 - VANCOUVER

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

  • Engaging customers through customers lifecycle and a redesigned redemption offer
  • Targeting different redemption products to the right customer groups
  • Case study LatamPass: Redemption partnership with Amazon

Guillermo Orrillo, Head of Strategy, LATAM

Choose one of three social activities to spend the afternoon in a small group to discover Vancouver from a different angle, while fostering and expanding your professional network in a relaxed atmosphere. Places for each activity are limited and given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Activities to choose from:

  • Scavenger Hunt in BC Museum of Anthropology
  • Axe Throwing
  • Cooking Challenge in Granville                                                                                                                                                

Participants will be picked up and dropped off at the conference venue.

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Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

  • The evolution of our society towards sustainability
  • Rewarding for travelling more: Is that still an accepted mission in times of flygscam?
  • Required adaptations of loyalty programs to become compatible: recognition vs. rewards
  • Is sustainability thinking only required for airlines?


09:10 Case study Air France KLM

Fréderic Kahane, SVP Customer Loyalty, Air France KLM


09:25 Case study Deutsche Bahn

Lisa Rott, CRM Strategy and Loyalty Programme, Deutsche Bahn


09:40 Panel discussion

Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Fréderic Kahane, SVP Customer Loyalty, Air France KLM

Lisa Rott, CRM Strategy and Loyalty Programme, Deutsche Bahn

Gwendal Castellan, Manager, Sustainable Destination Development, Tourism Vancouver

Coro Strandberg, President, Strandberg Consulting

  • Identifying the issues of your tier program
  • Do tier programs become too expensive?
  • Moving away from hard benefits towards soft benefits
  • Drivers behind the changes at MileagePlus

Nandika Suri, Director, Planning and Integration, MileagePlus, United Airlines

  • Shifting the focus: What does really engage customers?
  • Redesigning the customer experience from a blank sheet approach
  • How much effort should be put on price-sensitive segments?
  • Defining additional benefits for FFP members
  • Facing the multiple internal change management challenges

Kim Hardaker, Head of Etihad Guest, Etihad Airways

  • Back to the basics: What should a loyalty program be able to achieve?
  • Following the curve of the development of the parent companyHow to maintain loyalty with today's more uncompromising customers
  • Measuring the contribution of the loyalty program

Moderator: Phil Rubin, Founder & CEO, rDialogue


Ian di Tullio, Global Guest Senior Vice President, Accor

Jacob Miller, Vice President of CRM & Loyalty, Qatar Airways

Nótt Thorberg, Director Products & Loyalty, Icelandair

8-minute pitch for each of the three shortlisted suppliers


Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight      



Corbitt Burns, Director Rapid Rewards, Southwest Airlines

David Canty, Founder & Principal, GenZ Loyalty

Rick Rasmussen, Loyalty Industry Expert


Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1: Kobie Marketing

Focus on the customer, not on the rewards

  • A world beyond points and miles, but let’s not forget why they matter
  • Focus on experience, transformation and customer needs
  • How to achieve real behavioural AND emotional change

Marti Beller, President, Kobie Marketing


Workshop 2: Loyalty Partner Solutions

From t(ier)-shirts to wardrobe:
Offering choice and individualization instead of one-size-fits-all

  • Enabling individual program options
  • Providing “freedom of payment”
  • Establishing and maintaining a flexible partner eco system
  • Engaging with environmental conscious consumers

David Glantz, Head of Presales & Marketing, Loyalty Partner Solutions

Madlen Peter, Presales Consultant, Loyalty Partner Solutions

Klaus Kohler, Director Sales & Business Development, Loyalty Partner Solutions

  • What role do loyalty programs have to play in the future?
  • Defining a clear roadmap for technology innovations
  • New approaches to create loyalty beyond the currency
  • Finding the balance between technology and human factors

Sebastian Riedle, Managing Director, Lufthansa/Miles & More

Followed by a fire chat about changing customer expectations together with:

Shibli Juneja, Vice President, Global Loyalty Program Management, American Express

This is your opportunity to meet existing and potential partners/suppliers from all over the world to strengthen and start business relationships in a highly efficient manner.

Meetings can be pre-arranged through our meeting tool (available in the run-up to the event.)

Master of Ceremony: Robert Moerland, Global Head of Business Development, Traveler Experience Suite, Amadeus



Mike Isom, Director of Loyalty, Spirit Airlines

Silvia Espinosa de los Monteros, Loyalty Director, Iberia

Efrem Berman, Vice President of Global Loyalty, The Radisson Hotel Group

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight  

David Andreadakis, Chief Strategy Officer, Kobie Marketing

  • Evolution from an operational into a marketing issue
  • The benefits of a transparent communication policy
  • Should the loyalty currency be leveraged to regain the trust of customers?
  • Can emotions be addressed with rationalism?

Robert W. Mann, Principal, R.W. Mann & Company

  • Insights into case studies of Loyalty & Awards 2020 awards winners
  • Benefits for shareholders and members
  • Process of generating award-winning initiatives

 Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Loyalty Awards winners - TBA on site

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1: Cheetah Digital

Delivering a Next-Gen Travel Loyalty Program for Today’s Consumer

  • Build emotional loyalty by going beyond just tracking and rewarding transactions
  • Learn how leading brands deliver data-driven promotions, offers, and real-time interactions that help engage and build lifelong, profitable, loyal customers
  • Leverage customer data to identify opportunities and better deliver personalized experiences to each customer

Jon Siegal, VP Global Loyalty Sales, Cheetah Digital

Alina Pyzowski, Senior Loyalty Solutions Consultant, Cheetah Digital


Workshop 2: Loyalty Juggernaut

Reimagine Loyalty, Rethink Technology in the #ageofdigitalconsumer

  • Empowering Partnerships like never before with Federated Operating Model
  • Measuring and Mastering Customer Value across 3-Dimensions: Behaviours, Influences, and Transactions
  • Enabling Rewards and Payments as the Yin and Yang
  • Driving Smart Engagements with CX at Heart and Loyalty on Mind
  • Innovating with Technology that delivers Fun with Functionality…Let's Play!

Shyam Shah, CEOLoyalty Juggernaut

Kalpak Shah, CTOLoyalty Juggernaut

Rajesh Rishi, MD (Middle East), Loyalty Juggernaut

  • Understanding the gap between corporate strategies and customer expectations
  • Key factors preventing the industry to build stronger loyalty
  • Is bigger better?
  • Analysis of selected current developments at hotel programs

Stowe Shoemaker, Dean, UNLV College of Hospitality, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

  • Why opaqueness is not only bad for members, but especially for you
  • Adding flexibility to the program without deviating from core values
  • Comparing the airline and the hospitality industry
  • Where is the market heading to?

Patrick Sojka, Founder, FFB Group


  • Building today tomorrow's customer experience
  • Understanding different needs of different customer groups
  • Examples of technology deployments at YVR
  • Cooperation with our airline customers

Reg Krake, Director of Customer Experience, Operations, Vancouver Airport Authority


  • How Uber has revolutionised the market place
  • Ingredients of success: How technology drives the customer experience
  • Where does a loyalty program sit in the product proposition of Uber?
  • The role of partnerships in Uber's loyalty strategy

Harsha Chandra Shekar, Global Head of Travel and Loyalty Business Development, Uber Technologies

Matt Hirschbiel, Strategy and Planning Lead, Customer Engagement, Uber Technologies

  • Identifying the evolving technology requirements of a loyalty program
  • Staying ahead of the mainstream to create differentiators
  • Finding the right balance between off-the-shelf and customised solutions
  • When in-housing makes sense
  • Building successful relationships with suppliers

Nik Laming, Independent Consultant, Urban Leopard Loyalty (formerly at Cebu Pacific)

  • AI: a gradual evolution transforming every business
  • Identifying the business case for deploying AI applications: Internal vs. external focus
  • How can AI help to increase the loyalty of customers?
  • Outlook: What will AI-based businesses look like in 2025?

Gilad Berenstein, Entrepreneur In Residence, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence