Discover Madrid

We are proud to bring Loyalty & Awards 2022 to the emblematic city of Madrid!



 Video produced by Madrid Destino






Welcome to Madrid, a lively, welcoming and cosmopolitan city, where no one feels anything other than at home!

The city offers a comfortable and safe setting, where indulging in a spot of leisure is just as enjoyable as doing business. Its abundant artistic and natural heritage, its state-of-the-art transport network, its excellent gastronomy and the passion with which the Madrilenian enjoy both the day and the night make the capital of Spain one of the most attractive cities in the world.

There’s something in the air, an energy that invigorates you and fills you with positive emotions. Maybe it's the sun or the warmth of its people, but whatever it is, you want to get out and explore it right away. A simple walk will show you that life is lived and enjoyed to the fullest there, that life is celebrated in streets, its outdoor bars and cafés, its markets, its fiestas.






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 Photos credits:  Madrid Destino