Global Flight's Loyalty & Awards conference welcomes loyalty professionals, suppliers and customers every year to a new beautiful international city.

The 16th edition took place from 24-26 February 2020 in Vancouver, after the 2019 event in Paris.

The 2021 event will take place in the first half of October. Details will be announced in due course.

The two and a half day event brings together airlines, hotels, as well as suppliers and other companies in the travel loyalty industry, to exchange information on new trends, achievements and innovations in travel loyalty.

As a meeting point for travel loyalty experts this is one of the rare chances to both expand your knowledge on the topic, and network with a large group of peers. Click here to see pictures from our 2020 conference in Vancouver.






  • BENCHMARKING - Benchmark your loyalty programs with the Conference speakers who have shown how their programs are making a clear and measurable impact on their business

  • NETWORKING - Grow your professional network within the travel loyalty eco-system in the travel industry (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, booking platforms, banks, IT developers and more)

  • INSPIRATION - Get inspired by the Loyalty Award winners and at the "Impact and Insight Day" led by leading industry providers sharing their top tips to increase customer loyalty

  • ENGAGEMENT - Engage and re-connect with your colleagues

  • MEETINGS - Schedule time with partners and suppliers through 1-to-1 meetings

  • DESTINATION'S CHARMS - Each year we hold the conference in a very beautiful international city to give you the opportunity to enjoy the most pleasant local scenery and atmospheres beyond the conference activities and functions.