Loyalty & Awards 2022

10 - 12 October 2022 - MADRID

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

  • An outside look: how complex is loyalty?
  • Technology, customer orientation, revenues: setting priorities right
  • Addressing challenges at a regional level
  • How to revitalise customer engagement

Cristian Ortiz, CEO LATAM Pass, LATAM

Choose one of three small group social activities. Discover Madrid from a different angle, while fostering and expanding your professional network in a relaxed atmosphere. Places for activities are limited and given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

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  • Treasure Hunt in Prado Museum
  • Flamenco, Sangria and fun
  • Tapas Cooking Challenge

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Participants will be picked up and dropped off at the conference venue.

This is your opportunity to meet existing and potential partners/suppliers from all over the world to strengthen and start business relationships in a highly efficient manner.

Meetings can be pre-arranged through our meeting tool (available in the run-up to the event.)

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight


  • How augmented hospitality connects with members
  • Building an experiences platform to fuel passions
  • Using sponsorships as proof points and platforms to engage at an emotional level?

Mehdi Hemici, Chief Loyalty & Partnership Officer, Accor

  • Generation P(andemic): The unexpected new target
  • Adjusting the economic model to a more inclusive database
  • Understanding the management and operational challenges
  • Case study MileagePlus: Customer engagement on the rise across the board

Michael Covey, Managing Director MileagePlus, United Airlines

  • The eco responsibility of loyalty programs: Moving beyond marketing statements
  • Leveraging the power of the loyalty currency to engage members
  • Defining the right offering and messaging
  • First insights: How relevant is the offer?

Olivia Wasniewski, Head of EuroBonus Program, SAS

  • Railways: between partners and competitors to airlines
  • The particular challenges of loyalty in the railway environment
  • Balancing the needs of long-distance travellers and commuters
  • Cross-border loyalty cooperation as next step of evolution?

Javier Marin Martinon, Chief Commercial and Loyalty Officer, Renfe

  • Insights into the GHA journey: The Why and How of our transformation
  • Is there place for other considerations than the control of distribution channels for a hotel program?
  • Aligning the interests of our diverse hotel portfolio and getting the buy-in from all stakeholders
  • First recap: Have we managed to find the balance between the satisfaction of customers and hoteliers?

Maria Gomes, GHA Director Europe, Global Hotel Alliance

Ganna Koval, Director of Loyalty Programs, NH Hotel Group

  • Melting the key ingredients for successful promotions: Idea, context and passion
  • A look behind the scenes of some of the recent Etihad Guest campaigns
  • Measuring the impact
  • Conclusion: It's not that difficult after all!

Kim Hardaker, Vice President Loyalty & Partnerships, Etihad Airways

  • 8-minute pitch for each of three shortlisted suppliers


Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight


Nitin Kalra, Director - Customer Loyalty, IndiGo

Sven Neweling, Head of CRM Strategy and Loyalty Programs, Deutsche Bahn

Daniela Kanowsky, Loyalty Specialist

  • How Covid has changed travel behaviour and expectations
  • Understanding how new technologies can be exploited in a strategic manner
  • Which role for loyalty programs to enhance guest experiences?
  • Developing metaverse as source of revenue

Alex Barros, Growth & Innovation, Hotelverse

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1:

Leverage loyalty to meet the needs of the consumer you once knew

  • Uncover how consumers have changed post-pandemic with insights from Kobie’s 2022 research
  • Reassess what consumers value, what they buy, why they advocate, and why they stay loyal
  • Learn how Kobie’s proprietary Loyalty Drivers are the key to identifying what matters the most to consumers
  • Workshop: Apply Loyalty Drivers to your brand to address the new consumer mindset

Martha Cohen, VP, Client Services, Travel & Hospitality, Kobie Marketing


Workshop 2: The importance of localization

  • Localization trends in an ever-changing post-covid world
  • Insights into industry case studies: the need for inclusive communication and accessible content
  • How to drive revenue with the right strategy for boosting your localization maturityInsights into industry case studies: the need of regionalising your approach

Matthijs Kooijman, Commercial Director, Attached Language Intelligence

  • What changes do programs see in their frequent traveller personas post pandemic?
  • Are they “good” or “evil” to the program policies and benefits offered so far?
  • Distinguishing between temporary adjustments and fundamental market shifts
  • Changes considered by programs


Moderator: Marcus Puffer, Vice President Global Loyalty Strategy, IBS



Benjamin Lipsey, SVP Customer Loyalty, Air France KLM

Athina Kakolyri, Head of Loyalty & CRM Marketing, Aegean Airlines

Julio Marchena Gonzalez, Head of Partnerships, IAG Loyalty

Jason Peacock, Director Partnerships & Marketing, Ascenda

This is your opportunity to meet existing and potential partners/suppliers from all over the world to strengthen and start business relationships in a highly efficient manner.

Meetings can be pre-arranged through our meeting tool (available in the run-up to the event.)

Master of Ceremony: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight



Dominic Purvis, VP Product & Customer Experience, LATAM

Pedro Flores Ribeiro, Head of Loyalty, TAP Air Portugal

Isabell Weigel, Director Loyalty & Partnerships, Deutsche Hospitality

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

David Andreadakis, Chief Innovation Officer, Kobie Marketing

  • The long journey to replace a legacy IT system
  • Business case built on a customer-centric vision
  • Defining the needs upon external partners
  • Internal change management and operational aspects
  • Case study Alaska Airlines: How flexibility pays off

Matt Hahnfeld, Senior Manager, Software Engineering, e-Commerce, Alaska Airlines

Xavier Lucas, Principal Software Engineer, Alaska Airlines

  • The much discussed shift of markets towards leisure and the limitations of "frequent" traveller programs
  • Designing a loyalty program to maximise the spend during one transaction vs. multiplying the transactions
  • Finding the right balance between the needs of business/MICE travellers and leisure travellers
  • Case study Meliá Hotels

Sara Matarrubia, Global Loyalty Director, Meliá Hotels International

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

  • Deep insights into the world of loyalty currency retailing personalization
  • New data on the regional differences in Buy miles behaviours, and how you can leverage them for your program
  • Tips for structuring Buy promotions for margin maximization, and specifically managing APPU targets

Danielle Brown, CMO, Points


Workshop 2: Discover the Loyalty YOUniverse

  • Understand travelers’ wishes and needs regarding individualization of loyalty programs
  • Learn how to balance CHOICE and TAILORING to become a truly member-centric program
  • Discuss what individualization initiatives fit YOUR target members’ desires, YOUR business needs and YOUR capabilities

Marie Koch, Head of Loyalty Innovation & Consulting, Loyalty Partner Solutions

David Glantz, Director Business Development & Consulting, Loyalty Partner Solutions

  • How to engage and reward loyalty programme members everyday and increase the value and relevance of your programme
  • Importance of data insights and personalisation to drive engagement with Merchant Funded Offers model
  • Using technology as an enabler, to deliver integrated seamless customer experiences across multiple touchpoints

David Moritz, Head of Product for Collection, IAG Loyalty

Moderator: James Berry, Managing Director, Commercial, Valuedynamx


  • Personalisation: What does it realistically mean in a mass business?
  • Leveraging the soft factors to engage customers
  • Overcoming operational and technical hurdles
  • Analysing the impact on customers' loyalty

Moderator: Danielle Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Points


Shefali Higgins, Head Member Engagement, Emirates Skywards, Emirates

Derek Whitworth, Managing Director, Digital Channels, Air Canada

Ayla Damé, Head of Group Customer Advocacy, Blom Bank

Julie Barbier-Leblan, CEO, Merit Incentives





  • Insights into case studies of Golden Loyalty Awards 2022 winners
  • Benefits for shareholders and members
  • Process of generating award-winning initiatives

 Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Golden Loyalty Awards 2022 winners 


Best Loyalty Partnership - Derek Whitworth, Managing Director, Digital Channels, AIR CANADA 

Best Marketing Campaign - Kim Hardaker, Vice President Loyalty & Partnerships, ETIHAD AIRWAYS 

Best Use of Technology - Christopher Siegloch, Senior Director Loyalty Development  & Service, MILES & MORE 

Excellence in Management - Juan Oviedo, Country Manager, QANTAS


What is happening in the New World? What can we learn from it?


15:45 Cryptocurrency and Loyalty - A Perspective on Where Things are Headed

  • FlyCoin, the first loyalty crypto currency issued by an airline
  • Winning the trust from customers and partners
  • From Alaska to the world: outlook on development plans
  • Facing regulatory issues in international markets

Lenny Moon, CEO, FlyCoin


16:10 Thriving amidst powerful US programs

  • Thriving in the US, head-to-head vs. powerful US programs
  • Protecting & thriving in core markets against powerful US programs
  • Balancing value to member with program economics

Matthew Vincett, CEO, LifeMiles/Avianca