Loyalty & Awards 2019

18 - 20 February 2019 - PARIS

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Executive TBA, Air France KLM

Choose one of five social activities to spend the afternoon in a small group to discover Paris and the French culture from a different angle, while fostering and expanding your professional network in a relaxed atmosphere. Places for each activity are limited and given out on a first come, first serve basis.

Activities to choose from :

  • Da Vinci Code in Louvre Museum
  • Gourmet rally
  • Wine tasting
  • Perfume creation                                                                                                                                                                                         

Participants will be picked up and dropped off at the conference venue.

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Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

  • The reality of digital transformation
  • Adjusting business processes - and doing so quickly
  • Increasing customer loyalty and brand stickiness by adopting new technologies
  • Maintaining the human face in customer relationships

Ian di Tullio, SVP Guest Services, Accorhotels

  • 2018: The year of growth at Eurowings
  • Lessons learned: the value of customer loyalty
  • Which re-engaging strategies work in the low cost market?
  • Outlook: the loyalty strategy of EW Group for the P2P model

Oliver Wagner, CCO, Eurowings

  • A case study on why Pegasus Airlines transformed to a new loyalty program structure and the early results
  • Lessons learned from the loyalty program relaunch
  • Impact of the all new digital experience on loyalty program and customer satisfaction


Onur Dedeköylü, Senior Vice President - Marketing, Pegasus Airlines


  • The Western value system of loyalty programs
  • Different perceptions of loyalty in future growth markets
  • Understanding different cultural (de)motivators for loyalty programs
  • Implications for travel loyalty programs to stay relevant

Dr. Finn Majlergaard, Managing Partner, Gugin

  • Identifying which data is required and connecting the dots
  • Coordination with other departments within the airline
  • Benefits for customers
  • AI as a logical next step?
  • How harmful is GDPR to building a data ecosystem?

Manish Dureja, Managing Director Jet Privilege, JetPrivilege / Jet Airways

  • How to maintain loyalty with today's more uncompromising customers
  • How to better focus on smarter travel experiences that add value to members’ engagements
  • Identifying what is relevant to customers
  • Insights from global loyalty program research

Moderator: Steve Grout, Director of Loyalty, Collinson


Dorothee Mariotte, Senior Customer Insight and Retention Manager, Eurostar

David Feldman, Director, Loyalty & Reward Program Strategy, Catchit Loyalty

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1:

How to tackle the real hurdles of the evolving loyalty “world” from an operator perspective

  • Get an answer of how to integrate and manage your increasing network of partners easily
  • See how contextual member engagement can drive real value


Christiane Erth, Senior Presales Consultant, Loyalty Partner Solutions

Jan Ratzlaff, Manager Sales & Business Development, Loyalty Partner Solutions

Urs Hardekopf, Senior Sales Manager, Loyalty Partner Solutions

Klaus Kohler, Director Sales & Business Development, Loyalty Partner Solutions

Steve Arsenault, Senior Consultant, Kobie


Workshop 2:



5-minute pitch for each of the three shortlisted suppliers


Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight      



Chen Peng, Regional Vice President, SessionM

Bill Hanifin, CEO, Hanifin Loyalty

Iain Pringle, Lead Consultant UK, New World Loyaly 

  • The Middle East customer: different from others
  • Setting customer expectations right
  • Developing relevant solutions while focusing on costs
  • Managing internal expectations in regard to the loyalty program


Osamah Saleh Alnuaiser, Director, Loyalty Program, flynas

  • The importance of strong brand in a global business
  • Brand loyalty vs. customer loyalty: A difference you need to understand
  • Case study about the Radisson Rewards rebranding
  • Exploring internal synergies with a new shareholder


Efrem Berman, Head of Global Loyalty and Engagement, The Radisson Hotel Group

This is your opportunity to meet existing and potential partners/suppliers from all over the world to strengthen and start business relationships in a highly efficient manner.

Meetings can be pre-arranged through our meeting tool (available in the run-up to the event.)

Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight      



Akira Mitsumasu, Vice President, Products and Services Planning Division, Japan Airlines 

Onur Dedeköylü, Senior Vice President - Marketing, Pegasus Airlines

Camilo Courtenay, Loyalty Manager, Eurostar

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight  

David Andreadakis, Chief Strategy Officer, Kobie Marketing

  • Today's challenges in the car rental industry
  • Creating loyalty in a rather low involvement environment
  • Applying segmented approaches for corporate and individual customers
  • How is the role of FFP partnerships evolving?

John Whitley, Senior Director CRM & Loyalty - International, Hertz

  • Overview of global trends in retail loyalty
  • Managing to engage customers in a low involvement business
  • The smart use of data and technologies
  • Bringing the best of all worlds together: Case study Mileslife

 Troy Liu, CEO, Mileslife

  • Zoom on the particular case of Virgin Group: Why to build a group-wide loyalty program?
  • Choosing the right shareholder structure with a spin-off
  • Clear strategic objectives for the program as basis to ensure buy-in of all parties engaged
  • Ensuring that the airline requirements are sufficiently understood

Richard Moore, Director of Partnerships, Virgin Group Loyalty Company

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.
No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1:

Kobie Marketing


Workshop 2:


  • Insights into case studies of Loyalty & Awards 2019 awards winners
  • Benefits for shareholders and members
  • Process of generating award-winning initiatives

 Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Loyalty Awards winners - TBA on site

  • Monetizing travel data across different industries
  • Mashing-up loyalty data with other data sources to create AI use cases aiming at reducing CAPEX/OPEX
  • Building a needed data quality and governance framework to extract value from data
  • Smart Tourism and Smart City collaboration efforts as part of the “Kin-Directed AI Nation Paradigm”

Ali Rebaie, President, Data Anthropologist, Rebaie Analytics Group

  • Using blockchain technology with established loyalty programs
  • Increasing the engagement for members and partners
  • Experiences with blockchain trial
  • Is the technology ready for a wider roll-out?

Michael Yung, Head of Digital Product and Technology, Cathay Pacific/Asia Miles

  • Identifying personalisation opportunities along the customer journey
  • Using AI predictive analysis
  • Inspirations from other industries
  • GDPR: limitation or opportunity?

Jouni Oksanen, SVP E-commerce, Sales and Marketing, airBaltic

  • Smart cities: Our future way of living
  • Putting the needs of citizens to the heart of considerations
  • "…and customer loyalty"?
  • Do traditional loyalty programs fit anywhere into that concept? How do they need to evolve?

Gabi Kool, Member of the Executive Board, Urbana Smart Solutions


Check back for regular updates of the agenda.

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme at any time.


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