Why Loyalty & Awards 2021 will be a live event?


You may wonder why we have committed to a 100% live in-person event in times of Covid.

The answer is simple: Because of Covid!



We realise the industry is tired of virtual events and waits desperately for a normal life to return. We are not accustomed to being grounded for a month let alone 9 months.  Moving quickly forward to October 2021, the world will be in a different place and travel will return. Any required restrictions will be respected, but we want to bring the world together again. And Dubai is the best place to do so.
As stewards of the travel industry it is our obligation to send a message to the public that we can all travel safely again. Can we credibly expect from our customers to start to travel again if we are not committed to do so ourselves? We should not wait for things to happen, but make them happen.
Let's stand together as a community join forces and celebrate the new landscape we are running towards. With that message Loyalty & Awards 2021 will have a strong symbolic meaning we should all participate in.






We are loyalty

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