Loyalty conference 2018 (in cooperation with FlightGlobal)

5-7 February 2018 - BANGKOK



WELCOME ADDRESS FROM THE CHAIR                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Impact & insight give away
Take away top tips, best practice and thought leadership solutions for today’s loyalty problems.

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Using the entire toolbox to create loyalty in a challenging environment
• From millennials to competition: The challenges our industry is facing
• Using product, service and technology to attain and retain customers
• Loyalty, from transactional to an engaging customer experience
Priyasiri Juathes, Vice President Product and Guest Experience, Thai Airways

Striving towards success with a spin-off FFP
• Analysing the elements of success for FFP spin-offs
• Investor vs. management control: Choosing the right spin-off partner
• Coordination with the interests of the parent airline
• A look at the dos and don'ts of spin-offs
Gabi Kool, CEO, PINS

Panel discussion: Do life-long loyalty strategies still matter?
• Does long-term loyalty still appeal to customers?
• Fighting off competitive short-term temptations
• Finding the right balance between loyalty and instant gratification
• The cost of lifetime statuses
• Cultural changes to anticipate with the new generations of members joining
Kathleen Leong, Head of Commercial for Malaysia & Singapore, AirAsia BIG
Renata Rached de Oliveira, Head of Loyalty, Iberia
Nik Laming, GM Loyalty Division, Cebu Pacific Air
Wee-Kee Ng, Vice President - Loyalty & Partner Marketing, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts
Moderator: Graham Dunn, Editor, FlightGlobal

Where do loyalty programmes fit into a mobile payment landscape?
• Overview of latest trends in mobile payments
• Regional differences
• Aligning loyalty programmes and mobile payments
• Opportunities and threats for loyalty programmes
Ulf Geismar, Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company

Winning the heart of your customers (and then their wallet)
• What is wrong with many loyalty programmes today?
• Understanding the limitations of loyalty programmes to create loyalty
• Transparency and honesty as core values
• Winning (back) the unengaged mass
Seth Miller, Journalist, Wandering Aramean

How AI is changing the travel industry
• Best practice overview of AI deployments in the travel industry
• Benefits for companies and customers
• Is AI the future way to create loyalty?
Dr. Andy Chun, Associate Professor and Former Chief Information Officer, City University of Hong Kong

Supplier of the Year Award: Dragon stand
• 5-minute pitch for each of three shortlisted suppliers
• Q&A's with members of the Judging Panel
Andrew Kilkeary, Head of Loyalty, Finnair
Manish Dureja, Managing Director, Jet Privilege, Jet Airways
David Feldman, Director, Loyalty & Reward Program Strategy, Catchit Loyalty

Virtual reality: The future of travel
• What does virtual reality mean for the travel industry?
• Moving from transactional to emotional loyalty
• Repositioning loyalty programmes to a virtual world
• Vision 2030: A look at what the future holds
Rashesh Jethi, Head of R&D Americas, Amadeus

Case study Flying Blue: Making programme changes work
• Review on the reasoning and procedure to change to a revenue basis
• Finding the balance between the needs of the stakeholders and customers
• Controlling the communication in an online era
• Where will the loyalty journey go from here?
Derrick Merkus, Program Director Flying Blue, Air France KLM

ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

GALA DINNER AND LOYALTY AWARDS 2018 CEREMONY                                                                                                                                                                            


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Building loyalty through storytelling
• Creation of emotional loyalty through storytelling
• Finding the right story for your business
• Learning to listen to your customers (they are always right!)
• Integrating social media into your communication strategy
Dave Carroll, Musician

Understanding social media in China
• How does social media in China work?
• The role of social media in a segmented overall communication strategy
• Errors to avoid
• Ways of generating concrete sales through social media
Yi Gao, Aviation Course Director, Department of Aviation, Swinburne University of Technology

Extending the revenue-based logic to the redemption side: Case study Southwest Airlines
• Revenue-based programs: Why to stop on the accrual side?
• Redemption on any seat, any route: The basis of customer satisfaction
• Is there a danger to make the redemption value of loyalty points fully transparent?
• Would we do it again?
Corbitt Burns, Director, Rapid Rewards, Southwest Airlines

Panel Loyalty Awards winners
• Insights into case studies of Loyalty 2018 awards winners
• Benefits for shareholders and members
• Process of generating award-winning initiatives
Loyalty Awards winners - TBA on site
Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Getting out of our bubble
• Expanding our horizons to new data sources and new channels in a customer-centric era
• Building omnichannel loyalty
• Loyalty functional in omnichannel marketing
Patricia Ray, Loyalty Marketing Director, Enterprise Holdings

What does blockchain really mean for traditional loyalty programmes?
• The 101 of blockchain
• Is blockchain an opportunity or threat for travel loyalty programmes?
• Worldwide best practice examples of blockchain loyalty solutions
Douglas Carlucci, Partner, Oliver Wyman

Creating loyalty with instant gratification
• The advantages of cash-back programmes
• Are frequent travelers more interested in cash-back or loyalty-affiliated products?
• Pitching the right product to the right customer segment rather than creating internal cannibalization
Rathian Srimongkol, Chief Executive Officer, President, Director, Krungthai Card

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