Loyalty & Awards 2021

11 - 13 October 2021 - DUBAI

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

  • Engaging customers through customers lifecycle and a redesigned redemption offer
  • Looking back at the most terrible period in recent history for the travel industry
  • From loyalty to customer engagement
  • What is the future of loyalty currencies?
  • What new means to engage customers have emerged?

Dr Nejib Ben Khedher, Divisional Senior Vice President Skywards, Emirates

Choose one of four small group social activities. Discover Dubai from a different angle, while fostering and expanding your professional network in a relaxed atmosphere. Places for activities are limited and given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Activities to choose from:

  • Treasure hunt in Old Dubai
  • Experience the desert: The Oryx team
  • Arabic dessert cooking challenge
  • Emirati culture immersion                                                                                                                                               

Find further details here!

Participants will be picked up and dropped off at the conference venue.

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

  • From transaction to lifestyle: The lucky timing of our program transition
  • Granular regional approach as basis to success
  • Ensuring a brand loyalty while expanding to new customer groups
  • Addressing internal change management aspects

Mehdi Hemici, SVP Loyalty & Partnerships, Accor

  • Special times require special actions to turn risks into opportunities
  • Identifying new cardholder benefits with travel co-brands
  • Inspiring best practice examples
  • Lessons learned: Strengthening the co-branded relationships and tactics in a lasting manner

Bill Clifford, Senior Vice President Loyalty Sales, MasterCard

  • You are not a business, you are a customer engagement tool
  • Treating each customer as what he/she is: an individual with a personal story
  • Leveraging the emotional loyalty of your most loyal followers - free of charge
  • The good and bad lessons learned during the crisis
  • And what if you built the future customer experience actually with your clients?

Lays Laraya, Aviation and Travel Blogger

  • bonusmiles: A blend of the best of all worlds
  • Who are the target groups of the program?
  • How much overlap with traditional travel loyalty programs?
  • Making the financials work

Ulf-Gunnar Switalski, Senior Global Partnership Manager, Loyalty Lab

  • Has the crisis strengthened or weakened loyalty at an internal level?
  • Is the reward/recognition approach still sufficient?
  • Re-engaging lost customers vs. finding new ones
  • Which necessary transformations were catalysed by the crisis?


Moderator: Marcus Puffer, Vice President Global Loyalty Strategy, IBS Software


Youvraj Seeam, E-Sales & Product Manager, Air Mauritius

Nitin Kalra, Director - Customer Loyalty, IndiGo

Vicky Elliott, Group Director - Brand Loyalty, Jumeirah Hotels

Rob MacLean, CEO, Points International

  • Efforts to keep members engaged during 2020 lockdown
  • Use of downtime to accelerate the strategic transformation
  • Preparing and supporting the rebound

Lisa Rott, Project Lead CRM Strategy and Loyalty Programs, Deutsche Bahn

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1: Green Loyalty – Rewarding sustainable customer behaviour

LPS cordially invites you to the workshop on GREEN LOYALTY, an innovative offering which rewards members for sustainable behavior and choice along the travel journey and beyond.

We would like to share our insights, gather your opinions and thoughts on the proposed solutions as well as discuss important aspects such as:

  • How can airlines address customer’s growing dilemma of loving to travel while also caring about the environment by leveraging loyalty mechanics?
  • How does GREEN LOYALTY add value to airlines by increasing CLV, creating unique opportunities and supporting the achievement of sustainability goals?
  • How does LPS combine business and technology services to plan, build and run successful GREEN LOYALTY programs?

David Glantz, Head of Presales and Marketing, Loyalty Partner Solutions


Workshop 2: Money CAN Buy You Love

A Guide to Loyalty Currency Retailing and Program Engagement
Join Points International Chief Marketing Officer Danielle Brown in this hands-on, interactive session to explore how loyalty currency retailing not only provides real revenue upside, but also generates genuine, lasting program engagement.

Danielle Brown, CMO, Points International

  • Growing relevance of sustainability and stakeholder perspectives
  • Overview of sustainability practices in travel-loyalty space
  • Understanding and respecting cultural and social differences
  • Practical impactful topics loyalty can focus on in short-term and medium term to bounce forward

Radhika Arapally, Creator and Host, Sustainability Stories Podcast

  • 8-minute pitch for each of three shortlisted suppliers


Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight


Indiana Crilley, Senior Director of Loyalty, Brightline

Hakan Unlu, Founder and Director, Miklasoft

Paula Thomas, Let's Talk Loyalty.com

This is your opportunity to meet existing and potential partners/suppliers from all over the world to strengthen and start business relationships in a highly efficient manner.

Meetings can be pre-arranged through our meeting tool (available in the run-up to the event.)

Master of Ceremony: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight



Rob McDonald, Chief Commercial Officer, IAG Loyalty

Aron Backström, Head of EuroBonus, SAS

Matthew Vaccarella, Senior Director Global Loyalty Strategy, Radisson Hotels Americas

Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

David Andreadakis, Chief Innovation Officer, Kobie Marketing

  • Hilton’s history of innovating to meet customer needs
  • How Hilton Honors has supported our customers through the pandemic
  • Delivering branded experiences, programmes and partnerships to drive benefits for guests
  • Digitizing the customer experience through personalised service
  • Upcoming trends and the hotel of the future

Heather Laverne, VP of Loyalty & Enterprise Marketing EMEA, Hilton Worldwide

  • Cultural differences: Attention, pitfalls!
  • Key elements of success to engage customers across different markets
  • How local can/should a global loyalty program be?
  • Understanding the business case of local communication strategies

Ben Lipsey, Deputy SVP, Customer Loyalty, Air France KLM

Participate in one of two parallel workshops of key vendors, talking about their latest solutions to common industry issues.

No pre-registration is required.


Workshop 1: Local language sells: connecting with your international customers

In this workshop we show you some key elements of success to truly connect with your target groups – whatever their nationality, age, gender or travel behaviour

Matthijs Kooijman, Director of Sales & Key Accounts, Attached - language intelligence


Workshop 2: Art of Ecosystem”:  Transforming an FFP into a digital, data driven business in the new normal.

Your customers are ultimate surfers. Is your loyalty program as dynamic as your customers? Does it touch their daily lives? Does it provide you a foundation to compete at scale?

It’s time to prepare for Loyalty’s next frontier: Ecosystems!

Attend this session to learn how GRAVTY®, LJI’s nextgen technology platform enables you to:

  • Build, nurture and rapidly scale an empowered ecosystem at competitive advantage
  • Imagine, innovate, intrigue and inspire your customers with a vast, and vibrant value proposition, and lifestyle experiences, harnessing the power of ecosystem
  • Develop and leverage multi-dimensional understanding of your customers to manage profitable lifecycle from Acquisition, Advocacy to Lifetime Value optimization.

Shyam Shah, CEO, Loyalty Juggernaut

  • What happens when an FFP is overnight not one
  • Managing an FFP catastrophe - Writing a future without an Anchor
  • Building a new program type – a different customer value proposition

Vikas Chandak, SVP & Head - Strategic Businesses, Financial Products, Partnerships & Alliances, JetPrivilege/InterMiles

  • Insights into case studies of Golden Loyalty Awards 2021 winners
  • Benefits for shareholders and members
  • Process of generating award-winning initiatives

 Moderator: Ravindra Bhagwanani, Managing Director, Global Flight

Golden Loyalty Awards winners - TBA on site

  • Approaching the loyalty challenge from a customer rather than an operator's perspective
  • Engaging customers in previously inaccessible verticals for airline and hotel programs
  • Increasing the stickiness to the program's currency
  • Getting a better customer view thanks to significantly enriched data and more touchpoints

David Canty, Head of Loyalty & Partnerships, Bilt Rewards


  • Approaching the loyalty challenge from a customer rather than an operator's perspective
  • Engaging customers in previously inaccessible verticals for airline and hotel programs
  • Increasing the stickiness to the program's currency
  • Getting a better customer view thanks to significantly enriched data and more touchpoints

Asad Jumabhoy, Co-Founder & CEO, utu

  • Lessons learned from the pandemic: Engagement of loyalty members needs to move to new levels
  • How travel partners could benefit of the richness of retailers' data
  • Moving away from a transactional focus to personalised engagement strategies
  • Outlining a vision for future cooperation models

Kashmira Motiwalla, Lead (Director) - Loyalty Majid Al Futtaim

Showcasing the most interesting developments in loyalty around the world


15:45 Resolving the loyalty challenge at a ULCC

  • Insights into Spirit's program relaunch in the midst of the pandemic
  • Addressing the permanent challenge at a ULCC to have to create value
  • Getting the buy-in from top management for soft benefits of customer-oriented loyalty strategies

Sidharth Krishna, Head of Loyalty & Co-Brand, Spirit Airlines


16:00 Getting local with loyalty

  • Keeping a travel loyalty program relevant while members do not travel
  • Developing a new breed of partnerships and promotions
  • Lessons learned and outlook what of all that will survive in the long term

Derek Whitworth, Managing Director, Marketing & Loyalty Optimization, Air Canada


16:15 Integrating digital wallets to your loyalty strategy

  • Digital wallets: Our next generation form of payment
  • Creating loyalty through cooperation with digital wallets platform
  • Managing the jeopardization of traditional co-brand relationships

 Berna Tamer Şişmanoğlu, Loyalty Partnerships Executive, Pegasus Airlines


16:30 Reinventing the partnership approach in the pandemic

  • How innovation and agility enabled unprecedented opportunities
  • The impact of launching unexpected partnerships in a pandemic
  • What will we take forward into 2022 and beyond

Mark Potter, Senior Manager Partnerships, Etihad Airways